Monday is vuvuzela day at Indaba

May 6th, 2010 by H&R | Categories: government, tourism

The Indaba tourism and travel show in Durban will come to a loud standstill on Monday, May 10 at noon when about 10 000 delegates are set to gather to blow vuvuzelas, fly South African flags and celebrate a month to kickoff of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The mass celebration of the tourism industry will take place outside the Inkosi Albert Luthuli stainless steel teapots Centre at the intersection of Commercial and Walnut Roads in Durban.

Delegates will begin gathering from about 11h30. Each delegate will be given a temporary tattoo of the South African flag that day to apply to their faces. A limited number of flags and vuvuzelas will be handed out. At the stroke of noon, delegates will blow their vuvuzelas, wave their flags and celebrate the World Cup, and the significance of the event for South Africa as global tourist destination.

Soccer hero Lucas Radebe, a 2010 special tourism ambassador, will be in attendance as will numerous other high-profile vuvuzela blowers and flag wavers.

“The South African tourism and travel industry has much to be excited about,” says South African Tourism chief marketing officer Roshene Singh.

“It’s about to host the world to one of its biggest celebrations of the human family and of the thrill and excitement of world-class sportsmanship. It’s going to be the focus of almost limitless global positive publicity. It’s setting up a legacy from which it will benefit for decades and decades to come.

“A mass vuvuzela blowing and flag flying event is an appropriate way to give voice to the excitement that the industry feels. And Indaba is the perfect forum for such a celebration.”

SAT says Vuvuzelas will be blown for a minute and then exhibitors, visitors, journalists and organising personnel will return to their stands to continue doing what they came to Indaba for – selling destination South Africa as the greatest, friendliest and most varied and exciting leisure destination on earth.